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Brainsworld 360°

augmented reality

Visual stimulants, sounds and movements trigger emotions. The better the technology, the more the boundaries of reality become blurred and your customers plunge into a brand experience…we are talking about augmented reality…this is not some unknown technology…AR arrived in daily business and in our lives long ago. Instagram filter, 3D films at the cinema, or head up displays in modern cars – there is no way around AR.

You want to visualise products or offer your customers exceptional entertainment?  AR makes genuine experiences possible via digital space. Future events are made tangible.

A well-designed company or product brochure should definitely be part of your basic equipment…a virtual presentation allows your customers an additional upgrade and enables them to experience your products live. We strive to create applications that are not too complex, easy to operate and appealing in design. AR-contents can be easily personalised and perfectly adjusted to your customer…success can thus be measured exactly. In order to make live-experiences possible, we need to create 3D-data. Our artists have a good instinct for shapes and colours as well as spacial imagination. The experience? A perfect parallel world designed specially for you.


For a mechanic, the visualisation of the next work step directly within his field of vision, or as presentation opportunities in sales. Digital models where a number of designers are able to work simultaneously, or a virtual weather chart that is used in a live TV-show.


AR has become indispensable and will continue to be a futuristic experience.

got talent?

Got talent?

Brainsworld is always looking for great artists. If you are interested in working for the brainsworld, send us some of your skills.


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