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Brainsworld 360°


Illustrations are a unique and special advertising art form.  A cool illustration gives your advertising strategy a clear unique selling point.

Pictures tell their stories and convey strong messages. They explain, illustrate and make abstract contexts easier to understand. Illustrations are timeless, individual and work internationally. It takes unique artists to create unique and distinctive illustrations. From realistic and detailed drawings to cool comic styles…whatever style you prefer – Brainsworld has the right artist.

Our speciality

Our illustrations and designs are 100% tailor-made. This is real handicraft and we will not stop until we feel “Wow – that’s it!” You simply tell us what you want to achieve with your illustration and we deliver a high-end result to you. Do you want to tell a complex story in a simplified way? Do you wish to create an increased recognition factor via a special company mascot? Or is appealing visualisation the main goal? Whatever the primary goal you wish to achieve with your illustration, the first step is always to produce a scribble.

From scribble to final drawing

The word scribble basically means “scribbling” – but in truth it stands for so much more. The sketch sets the direction for your illustration and gets to the heart of your ideas. The first raw sketch is developed and improved until it matches your ideal.

If you wish, we can colour the final drawing. Colours, matching your corporate design, really bring the drawing to life. When the illustration is finished, we digitalise it. This ensures that an illustration the size of your palm will also work on the facade of a residential block – of course, without any loss of quality. Depending on the field of application, we can produce scribbles digitally from the start. The right method often depends on your requirements, we always choose the method on an individual and customer-specific basis.

Code of honour

We do not buy finished graphics and drawings from online platforms. From the idea to the final result, we do everything in-house and everything is handmade.  One thing is certain: A unique creative illustration creates a baaam and will attract your customers’ attention.

got talent?

Got talent?

Brainsworld is always looking for great artists. If you are interested in working for the brainsworld, send us some of your skills.


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