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Brainsworld 360°

3d design

We use 3D-design to combine technology and reality. The naked eye is barely able to discern between a real photo or a digitally created object.  The advantages are clear…we are able to create detailed prototypes without the need to actually produce them. This means you’ll save time and money. You want to make changes during the development?  No problem, 3D-design allows quick and efficient implementation of these changes.

At Brainsworld we have a good instinct for shapes and colours…this is important for delivery of the best result. We deal with terms such as light incidence or shadow contrasts on a daily basis. Our 3D-artists design and develop objects, realise them and prepare geometric data.


We present the virtual model to you from various points of view. This enables us to carry out a detailed examination of the model’s design aesthetic… As a result, planning errors are identified swiftly or completely excluded. A digital prototype also helps you later on, in the production phase. We provide you with a 360° concept. We accompany you beyond the development phase, in your search for suitable partners, for your serial production.


In addition to 3D-design, we also offer printing…a special production process which creates three-dimensional items by applying layers of material. The precondition for this process is a digital model. The high speed with which various objects are created is one of the main advantages. High design freedom and the costs speak for themselves. And the best thing is…there is NOTHING that can’t be done. Whether we deal with an idea in your head or an existing model, the 3D-process allows us to visualise your ideas and make them tangible – this often makes things that you did not even think about visible .  Many times three-dimensional visualisation creates space for further ground breaking ideas.

got talent?

Got talent?

Brainsworld is always looking for great artists. If you are interested in working for the brainsworld, send us some of your skills.


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