Brainsworld can with good conscience say that we place a very high value on the uniqueness of our clients’ websites. This means that we do not use standard homepages with interchangeable graphics – one size that (doesn’t) fit all. Brainsworld develops each website individually – tailoring it to best meet the needs of our client. After we have completed the design discovery process we program each page from scratch. This allows greater flexibility in how our clients wish the page to both look and function.

Just as with our stance on corporate logos, we say here too in the context of a client’s online presence, that a customer’s “first impression” of the company should be professional and create interest in what our client does! In our opinion, you can only strive towards this position by taking advantage of professional assistance, rather than relying on standard home pages which are difficult to manage and ultimately leave a poor first impression!

We are happy to advise you and just to clarify – at Brainsworld any follow up has no additional cost!