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Brainsworld 360°


At Brainsworld you get innovative high-end music productions, from jingles, phone loops via sound logos to complete album productions…just as you imagine it.

Brainsworld Music

At Brainsworld, we have a strong musical background. We can guarantee full support for high-quality music production in the electronic music sector as well as in pop and rock. Whether it’s sound logos, jingles, or album support, we are well-versed in these areas and have extensive connections in the music industry.

Sound logo

A sound logo gives you the perfect recognition factor. The sound goes straight into your head. We link your brand with the right sound – we do not provide off-the-shelf goods but files created specially for you. Who doesn’t know Nokia’s old-school ring tone? You may not have heard it for a while…but in case you do…biing…and it is back in your head immediately. Your customers will feel the same way…they hear your sound logo and immediately they have images in their heads…thus your brand gets a high-quality recognition factor.


When it comes to attracting attention and to being on people’s minds, you need creativity…dare to go one step further…no risk no fun. Linked with a memorable melody, the slogan becomes very effective…I am sure you know which washing machines wash better? And you can hear the melody? Then you know exactly what we are talking about. In an ideal scenario your brand awakens good vibes…a bonus point that sticks.

Phone announcement

Your customers call but only get to hear an irritating riiing, riiing, riiing? Let’s be honest, you would not find this appealing either. Together with you, we’ll create your individual phone announcement to create a unique experience for your customers from the start. Creative texts and important information with cool sound shorten the perceived waiting time. Do you have a specific idea who should say the text? Don’t worry, we have talented speakers, of every timbre.

Own company track

If you are looking for your own composition, we are definitely the right partner in the music industry. We accompany you from the draft (music and text) via the recording to the finished master track. Whether for a promotional clip, as the highlight of an event, for your business partners, customers or employees – we create the perfect groove.


We accompany you through the development of your band logo to the complete artwork design. Including the printable files which we will happily transmit to the printers or the pressing plant on your behalf.


Our long-term and successful cooperation with high-end partners in the music industry has earned our team a respectable reputation – forward ever, backward never!

got talent?

Got talent?

Brainsworld is always looking for great artists. If you are interested in working for the brainsworld, send us some of your skills.


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