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Sound logo. The often underestimated brand booster.

The goal of sound logos per se is not inherently lofty or complicated – no, essentially, it is simply about making one’s brand audible and conveying its values as effectively as possible through sounds. The consuming audience thus experiences brands a bit more intensely through this means, and the brand itself is further strengthened by the judicious use of sounds. The effect achieved is by no means new. On the contrary – for thousands of years, acoustic means have been used to attract attention. One of the oldest examples of this is fanfares, which were used to represent different royal houses.

But back to the present: for modern companies for whom solid, strong branding is important, a sound logo becomes essential when it comes to making themselves unmistakable. Often, this starts with the in-house phone loop, creating a first impression. So, is there a secret recipe for a successful sound logo? Unfortunately not, because often (but not always), the simplest and fastest idea is enough to achieve high recognition. However, one must carefully consider in advance what one actually wants to convey! Is it about joy? Technical expertise? Or should ‘dynamism’ represent the company? The respective sounds for these goals would likely be quite different.

Also, how does one stage a strong and sustainable sound logo?

Here are some of the most important aspects:

–              High recognition value
–              Uniqueness
–              Short and concise
–              Instrumental, melodic, vocal

It can be asserted with certainty that it should be exciting for almost every company to use a sound logo correctly… But, as mentioned before, well-thought-out and on the right channels. Because one thing is certain: not everyone can or wants to afford a radio or TV spot. The good news, however, is that from the phone loop to social media applications, sound logos can already achieve a quite high advertising value, and not necessarily exorbitant budgets are required for them.

Sound Logo – Show me what it is

There are some good best practice examples on this topic. Below are some sound logos that I personally find very good. Readers of this blog have probably consciously noticed some of them. By now, even those who didn’t know what a sound logo actually is likely understand what it’s all about. If you’re interested in sound logos: we at Brainsworld know how it works – Enjoy.


Deutsche Telekom




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